Señor Dodo

Our creative genius, Señor Dodo, literally knows nothing about blockchain, NFT’s or anything related. He barely knows how to use a computer. However, his creativity reaches beyond imagination. And that’s exactly what Cardodo needs. In his daily life he works as a restaurant manager and a tattoo artist.

Chief Dodo

Chief Dodo is responsible for the project management, marketing and vision of the Cardodo project. Being involved with Crypto since 2017, he knows his way around the space. In his daily life he works as a sales manager for a Dutch digital agency and runs his own e-business.

Tech Dodo

Tech Dodo is our wonderkid. With a lot of experience in coding and development he builds our back-end systems and makes sure all of our deployments are qualitative. Being involved in the crypto-space since 2017 he knows his way around blockchain. In his daily life he studies Econometrics and develops websites.



Phase 1

04 January 2022 – 07 February 2022

The Cardodo team is working hard on building the community and thinking about the long-term strategy for the utility of the Cardodo’s.

The 1st of February we will revive the first 850/5555 Cardodo’s on the Cardano Blockchain. 

Mint: ₳15
Date: 1st of February 20:00 UTC

In Phase 1 we are starting off with building the community. We want to do this through giveaways on our Twitter and Discord channel and work together with promotors on multiple social channels.

In this phase we will launch the Early Bird group. A dedicated group of people that are involved early in the project and will help with decision making along the way. This is done through polls.

The Cardodo Team is hosting an AMA session on February 4th 20:00 UTC on Discord. 

The Cardodo team is working on a concept for a game (Play-2-Earn) to create utility for your Cardodo’s. We are investing 50% of our pre-sale funds into the development of a prototype of the game.  The team started selecting partners to realize and create a concept.

If you are not familiair with P2E Games, we were inspired by Axie Infinity

After our pre-sale we will reinvest: 

50% into Concepting Dodo Dynasty
We’ll invest into the development of the prototype Cardodo game. In a project approach you sketch out the desired game while further developing the vision key items like game metrics, tokenomics and reward systems.

The wireframes and game document including with the Tokenomics will be provided during Phase 2 

50% into Community Growth
To succeed as a project we need to reinvest in marketing and the community for it to grow. We’ll have the public sale promoted via all effective channels and the team will create a teaser for promotion of the main sale. 

Phase 2

08 February 2022 – 07 May 2022

In this phase building community is key for the success of Cardodo. We will focus our attention on growing a friendly community by hosting AMA’s, game nights, polls, sneak peeks and interacting in Discord. 

Our team is very approachable. Join us! 

During Phase 2 we will invest 50% of the pre-sale funds into building the community. We will do this by:

  • Organizing contests
  • Partnering with CNFT projects
  • Doing give-aways
  • Community rewards for reached milestones

Currently there are Early Birds that already secured their Whitelist spot. We will be giving away Whitelist spots in collaboration with other projects and it is possible for members to earn their whitelist spot by actively participating in the community and through give-aways.

Whitelist will open on the 7th of April. Join us on Discord for details on the requirements.

The Cardodo team will make a final decision on the concept of the Cardodo game and decide which external parties will help develop the game.

At the end of phase 2 we will release a specific roadmap on the development of the game and share the final concept with the community.

To get insights on the development of the game, join us on Discord for sneakpeeks!

Phase 3

Minting May 7th @ 20:00 UTC

07 May 2022 – 31 May 2022

The end-date of the Cardodo policyID is set on 31-05-2022. All un-revived Dodo’s will stay extinct.

Reviving the remaining Cardodo’s. We have a 100% secure system on our website to hatch your Cardodo. This will be the  ONLY way to mint the Cardodo NFT.

After the main-sale event we will start with development of the Dodo Dynasty. We will do bi-weekly updates on a dedicated channel via Discord to keep our community up-to-date. 

Active and loyal Cardodo community members will be asked for input during the development of the Cardodo game.

We have pre-selected 5 game-development agencies with our wireframes, tokenomics and proposal. On June 1st we will select one of the partners to develop Dodo Dynasty.

Phase 4

01 June 2022 – 01 December 

During this phase we will mainly focus on the development of Dodo Dynasty and on Caregiver (HODLER) benefits.

In the Tokenomics of the Dodo Dime we have a detailed breakdown of the Airdrop. 

On June 1st, 20:00 UTC we will take a snapshot of the Blockchain and airdrop the Dodo Dime to HODL’ers of DELISTED Cardodo’s.

The distribution is based on the rarity of the Dodo that you’re holding. 

Common (no egg) | 900 DDD/Dodo
Uncommon (normal egg) | 1700 DDD/Dodo
Rare (silver egg) | 3350 DDD/Dodo
Epic (golden egg) | 5000 DDD/Dodo
Legendary (golden egg+motion background) | 12000 DDD/Dodo
Unique’s (Eastern & St Patrick Dodo) | 55300 DDD/Dodo

In this phase the team will  focus on developing Dodo Dynasty, releasing sneakpeeks and sharing progress of the development with the community.

Developing a game with the complexity we have in mind and also with NFT technology integrated is not an easy task.

This will take time, effort and expertise from the Cardodo team and external parties. The team has a solid foundation of partners, agencies and freelancers to develop the first version of Dodo Dynasty within 12 months (starting from June 1st). 

We are donating 20% of the royalties that we receive over the Cardodo project to WWF. Let’s prevent animals from going extinct! 

The good cause, WWF, was voted on by the Early Birds.

We will grow the community by collaborating with other projects, hosting game nights, AMA’s and share sneakpeeks of the progress of our game.

Apart from that we will reward caregivers of the Dodo’s. (HODLERS) We have 30% of the Royalty Distribution reserved for Caregiver benefits.

The egg? Probably nothing…

Holding a Cardodo in your wallet has several perks, among them:

  • Dodo Dime Airdrop 1st of June. Read more about the distribution here
  • Exclusive updates regarding game development
  • Top 10 HODL’ers on 1st of June receive personalized Dodo’s
  • 30% of Royalties distributed across the HODL’ers

Phase 5

01 December 2022 – 01 January 2023

Before Phase 5 we will do a new promotional round and release the second season of Cardodo’s. During Phase 5 only Cardodo HODL’ers get to play Dodo Dynasty!

There will be new Cardodo’s with new attributes. Join our Discord to stay up-to-date with new sneakpeeks about Season 2.

We will release a BETA version of Dodo Dynasty that is only playable for Cardodo HODL’ers in the beginning. After ±1 month we will make the game playable via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.