1130 Cardodo’s came back from a little break called Extinction during Season 1, on a mission to play in Dodo Dynasty a Free-to-play, Play-to-Earn game. Stay tuned for Season 2!


Learn more about the Cardodo team and the ambitious plans for the Cardodo Project. Our motto? Underpromise  and overdeliver.

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Dodo Dynasty

The Cardodo team is developing an unique Autobattler to disrupt the mobile gaming industry.


May 7th @16:00 UTC

May 7th @ 20:00 UTC

30 ADA per transaction
5x NFT’s = 150 135₳

Public Sale at 40₳ 
5x NFT’s = 200 175₳

Dodo Dynasty is a mobile Autbattler-game.  The Cardodo team is on a mission to introduce the traditional mobile gaming to (C)NFT’s.

We have shared all details about the gameplay, community, marketplace and tokenomics in our whitepaper.

We recommend using the Nami wallet. It is also possible to receive your Cardodo’s on or any other native Cardano wallet.

Never send ADA from an exchange to revive your dodo.

Yes, it is possible to mint up to 5 Cardodo NFT’s per transaction. 

After choosing the amount of Cardodos NFT’s, you will be redirected to a page which shows the amount of ADA that you have to send.

This is the price of your Cardodo NFT(s), plus a unique number behind the comma, in extra ADA, which is used to reserve your Cardodo NFT(s) while the transaction is pending to avoid duplicate transactions.

Copy the exact amount by using the copy button. Your wallet will automatically add the transaction costs. If you accidentally send too little or too much you will get refunded.

Most of the time this will take 5-30 minutes but it is dependant on the blockchain network volume so please allow up to a full day to receive your Cardodo NFT. 

The team worked hard to design and develop a system that allows the minter to immediately  see which Cardodo NFT’s were minted, once the transaction has been approved by the Cardano Blockchain.

The policy id of our first drop is: 5b4d49716a36cfeb5e447f72383d3c1b200a2d62359a62238f43e357

The metadata for each token are on-chain and follow CIP-25. The metadata itself links to an image on IPFS in order to keep the data immutable and retrievable forever. The metadata are in the minting transaction of the token. To see the metadata go to{your-address} or{asset-id} to see the on chain data.

First dodo ever minted: